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                                  Meet   Amy Rose
Hello, I'm Amy Rose - your go-to source for help with your financial topic needs or live interviews with over 30 years of industry experience.                       

Busy individuals and small business owners just like you struggle every day to find ways to better leverage their overall, time, financial, and other existing resources.

I can solve many of these distressing problems for you and your staff by:

  • Providing short or long term consulting services

  • Platform Speaker

  • In house educator

  • Web-based meetings

  • Writing articles for targeted topics

  • Leading group training sessions

  • Web-based one on one individual consulting services

  • Self-help books

  • ....and so much more!


I make learning easy, fun, and affordable.

Call me now at 785-224-8954 to explore how I can help you with your educational, quotes, articles, speaker, or individual financial consulting needs.

 I am an established author. My books are for sale worldwide on most distribution platforms in softcover, Kindle and an EBook edition is available on Smash words.  


Connect with me now on LinkedIn.

Please contact me for additional information at: or by cell at 785-224-8954.
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